Vigil by Angela Slatter

While Vigil doesn’t necessarily bring anything ‘new‘ to the paranormal/mystery genre, it has its own quirky take on the popular genre.
Weyrds are living in Brisbane. Their unusual appearances and abilities hidden behind glamours or merely thought of as eccentricities by the Normals.
Verity Fassbinder, a half and half, is a private investigator apt in solving Weyrd-related accidents. Her character is perhaps one of the book’s biggest strengths: she is incredibly straight-forward and sarcastic. Her witty remarks and perfectly timed puns made for very entertaining scenes. I found her to be an extremely charismatic narrator. Verity is from the very start the ‘engaging’ force that drives the story. Her investigations were engrossing: each lead she followed was captivating. Also thanks to the many other interesting characters such as Rhonda McIntyre, Ziggi, the Norns’ sisters and Lizzie, my attention never wavered. They made the story all the more compelling.
The humour somewhat reminded me of a more ‘adult’ Rick Riordan. And yes, Vigil might not be an incredibly moving or deep story, but I believe it is because it isn’t meant to be. Some aspects of it were stronger than others, still, it is a promising start for a highly amusing and absorbing series. Vigil is a fun and gritty mystery peppered by myths and magic.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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